Ard Al Zaafaran ("Land of Saffron"), as the name "Ard al Zaafaran" might be translated, is a perfume house launched in Dubai that produces authentic perfumes based on Emirati know-how. Oriental fragrances are immediately recognisable by their notes of precious woods, patchouli, vanilla, oud or musk... notes that invite you to travel and that can be found in a whole series of perfumes that Ard al Zaafaran has released. The perfume house quickly made a name for itself around the world with fragrances such as Teef Al Hub and Oud 24 Hours.

True to the great family of oriental perfumes, each Ard al Zaafaran fragrance often has a fairly pronounced base note. It can be soft and deep, sometimes spicy or sweet and gourmand, but it always develops a sensuality that is unique to the Orient. These oriental notes, also known as amber notes, invite us to travel and intoxicate ourselves with warm, gourmand base scents!

 At Ard al Zaafaran, the love of fragrances has become a passion, and the company wants to share this passion through all its creations. Ard Zaafaran is also a lifestyle brand offering exceptional products to accompany your daily life. Discover the riches of the Ard al Zaafaran perfume house on MuscOrient!

For centuries, the East represented a distant and mysterious horizon for the West. Conveying a thousand fantasies, the Orient embodied temptation, pleasures and adventure, a part of the world where many precious products came from such as incense, myrrh, sandalwood, oud, musk …And we often forget to say that the Orient is also one of the oldest cradles of perfumery! It is for this reason that one of the most important olfactory families in perfumery brings together oriental perfumes. An oriental eau de parfum often has a precious and “exotic” personality which gives a certain mysterious aura to the person who wears it, man or woman. These perfumes are the prerogative of those who clearly embrace their sensuality!

And if you are looking for creations that magnificently embody the timeless traditions of oriental perfumery, the Ard al Zaafaran brand coming directly from Dubai and its different collections will perfectly please you. Each Ard al Zaafaran scent is sweet enough to capture you, rich enough to keep you and complex enough to seduce you! Moreover, the richness of the Ard al Zaafaran collections will only amaze you, sensual, captivating and addictive oriental perfumes

Rather amber fragrances, which display a very intense base note... as if a sort of bittersweet caress... sometimes spicy or vanilla, but which always recalls the scents specific to the Orient, this is what perfumes promise you oriental, and much more! On MuscOrient, as always, you will find oriental products at the height of exception, essential olfactory families. We offer you different scents, perfumes, powerful love potions that invite you on an olfactory journey, so that each personality finds the oriental perfume that suits them.

scented gestures thanks to eau de parfum for women and men, body care, home care such as incense... without forgetting each set for women, men or unisex.

For this perfume house, the well-being of all is essential. This is why it takes care to design its products in the United Arab Emirates, validating their safety throughout their development, until their marketing. These are safe products to use, and in line with the brand's beliefs, no testing on animals is, and will never be, undertaken during any of the design processes. Made from the highest quality ingredients, it is only natural that the Ard al Zaafaran perfume has won over many fans in all four corners of the world, without even referring to the different opinions left on the internet!

On MuscOrient, succumb to the thousand and one oriental fragrances of Ard Al Zaafaran!

From women's perfumes with fruity, oriental, gourmet notes and other surprises, to men's perfumes with woody, spicy olfactory notes, etc., you can't help but fall under the spell of the Ard al Zaafaran house. MuscOrient has taken care to select for you the exceptional creations of this perfume house, discover the full extent of its collections on our page! Ard Al Zaafaran has a wide selection of different fragrances and is constantly expanding its range. Well-known and popular perfumes include Raghba Wood Intense, Oudhi, Oud 24 Hours, Ahlam Al Arab, Teef Al Hub… the latter which is also available in Teef Al Hub perfume oil, Teef Al Hub body mist, and even the Teef Al Hub Incense – Bakhour…

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